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Home Trends: Kids Rooms

When it comes to decorating for a kid's room, it can be hard to find a balance between what is practical and what is beautiful and bring about solutions for those two things to marry in a single space. Current trends in decor for a kid's room vary greatly,  and this is simply because the ages of kids and their interests are so different. There are some trends that are universal, and some ways to develop design solutions in any bedroom for the youngest members of your household. Here are a few ideas for you to use in your home.

1. Storage is Key

"Custom Closet Designs" by George Chowanec  

Regardless of whether you are decorating a room for a newborn or a teenager, you are going to need innovative ways to store clothing, toys, and books. You can take traditional storage like bookshelves, dressers, toy chests, and closet space to find ways to bring in a lot of style and still serve as a functional storage piece.

As you fill a bookshelf, add in a little visual breathing room, with small stuffed animals or kid-safe trinkets nestled in with the books. When setting up a closet for your child, consider getting storage solutions that can change and grow with your kids. Baskets and bins that hold wooden blocks might one day hold tiny Lego pieces; any closet system might hold tiny shirts or pants and one day be needed for teenaged-sized outfits. It is important to let the storage grow and change with your kids. 

One of the biggest trends in kid room design is allowing things to hide in plain sight. If your child has a growing collection of stuffed animals, consider getting a bean bag chair cover made for storing them, You can fill it up, reduce clutter, and add comfortable seating to the room. Any furniture pieces that can serve multiple functions such as cribs that transform into a full-size bed, or an ottoman that also serves as toy storage, is a great way to bring in style and save on space.

2. Scandinavian and Holistic Educational Design Influences

"Posters for Kenay Home" by Laia Arriols | Apanona 

Many current design trends for children's rooms have a few clear influences that lead to a room with soft colors, warm woods, and natural materials. The first of this is Scandinavian design, ever since the introduction of this style into the greater aesthetic in the mid-century, it has had a subset dedicated to designing children's furniture. But with the advent of affordable stores like IKEA, it has had a more mainstream appeal. When you pair this with the more recent influence of early educational styles, such as Waldorf and Montessori, that celebrate a similar aesthetic, it is now a very popular design direction in bedrooms for the preschool age. Because of the neutral tones and white backdrop of this style, it is easy to age it up with bright pops of color and more personalized design elements for older kids. 

3. Metallics

"Owen's Bedroom" by Jennifer Ward 

With the trends in rose gold and sequined pillows, metallics are a favorite in a kid's room. Consider anchoring any metallic designs with furniture pieces that can transition between a variety of styles, chrome-based furniture is a great way to go with this. For a more subtle look, graphite is a great metallic that is not overpowering and can be used in a variety of ways throughout a space. You can use metallics in an abundance or simply bring in a few elements as visual interest. You can also play with different textures across a single metallic color, such as using rose gold in glittered, brushed, chrome, or some other texture like suede or fur. It will bring a common visual thread across multiple textures.

4. Patterns and Textures

"KidsROOMS" by alan kravchenko, scratched cube

Another big trend is something that has already shown up in fashion trends and is starting to filter into home design, and that is the upswing in influences from the 1980s and 1990s. Geometric patterns, neon colors, and layered organic shapes are popping up in bedding and accessories. If you grew up in that era, the trends in your child's room will be a nostalgic but new take on patterns and textures from when you were younger. Consider using these patterns in areas that are easily changeable such as window treatments, throw rugs, linens, artwork or posters, and throw pillows. That way as this trend continues to shift, your bedroom design can easily shift with it.

5. Motifs

"bedroom for 3 boys - Lisbon 2008" by Lu Barradas 

When it comes to decorating a kid's room, it is important to choose designs that match their interests. To make it feel like home, they will want to take some ownership of their space. Whether they are interested in a specific character, a certain game or sport, a favorite color, or a type of animal you can celebrate their interest by building a design around that motif. Some popular motifs right now are video games (like Minecraft), magical animals (unicorns, llamacorns, and mermaids), as well as any favorite Disney character.

To bring these into a kid's room,  incorporate them in with things that are easily changeable, but you can also incorporate some temporary big picture pieces that feel like a great transformation. One example of this would be to use removable wallpaper. There are a lot of options out there for removable wallpaper, many of which can either look like traditional wallpaper or more of a wall mural. By adding this to create a feature wall, it will have a big impact on the feel of the room and still allow for changes to the space in the future.

Overall, there are many trends to choose from in designing a kid's room. Whichever direction you go in, staying versatile is key to making the space grow with your child. The added bonus to this method is the ability for you as a homeowner to transform it into a different space altogether when your children become adults or when you are ready to sell your home. Growing and adjusting the space to what your kids and your home needs is a great solution for any home. 



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