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Home Trends for Family Rooms

The family room is the place in the house where people can relax and gather together. This is the space where people spend their downtime together, whether it is for a movie night, a lazy Saturday morning reading a book, or gathering for a family holiday. Outside the kitchen, this is the space where the living and connecting really happen in a home. The family room is the place where you relax, where you entertain, and where you do fun activities together. If you are looking to update your family room, here are six things to consider for maximizing your space and making the room feel especially like home. 

1. Use Your Interests As Inspiration

"Geometric Metal Wall Decorations" by Gamze Genc Celik

When you are planning out your family room, it is a great idea to consider how your family will use the space. Figure out if there is anything that is unique to your family activities that might inform the design of the space. Your family's interests might be in music, sports, art, books, or games.

You can use these as family interests to tie the decor to what is meaningful to your family and make it really feel like home. You can use your interests as a decorative focal point in the room, or even as color inspiration for the space. The key to making this effective is to not theme it too heavily, but rather to give meaningful hints as to what is important to your family.

2. Design For Your Favorite Activities

"Modern Geo Living" by Maruf Madiyarov 

When it comes to family rooms, you might first think of a big tv and a large enough seating area to fit everyone plus a few guests. This is a great start to a space, especially for lounging together and entertaining. Consider maximizing your use of the space by creating multiple areas for activities and enjoyment.

If your family enjoys music, you might have a corner of the room dedicated to musical instruments or your musical collection. Maybe your family loves puzzles or board games, consider putting in a table for those nights where everyone is up late playing a game of cards together.

3. Add Versatile Seating

"Living room" by Blizarde

A family room is often more than a space for your family, it is where you entertain guests, throw a party, and have a friend or two over. You might consider adding in versatile seating to accommodate a wide range of guests. You can use your main seating area of a sectional or a couple of sofas as the focal point for seating, but consider adding in a reading nook or built-in bench for a small conversation area, adding an ottoman that can double as seating or a few smaller side chairs that are an inviting alternative.

These added seating areas allow you to accommodate for various crowds, and it also makes your guests comfortable to find a seat that works for them. Some people might prefer to be a part of the crowd in the main seating area, while others might prefer a spot off to the side. 

4. Get Creative With Storage

The family room is where living really happens, and with that comes the need for storage. If you have young children, this might be the spot where toys are front and center, it might be where a gaming console or two hangs out, or it might be where a collection of throw blankets reside. Nearly every family room needs some form of storage in order to reduce clutter and make the space feel inviting.

You can get creative with storage by adding doors to bookshelves for toys or board games, using a built-in bench as a toy chest, or putting a throw blanket collection into a storage ottoman. If the family room feels overwhelmed with clutter from a specific activity, you could pare down some of the items, move the majority of the activity or toys to another room in the house, or add more dedicated storage to your family room. It all depends on what works best for you.

5. Plan For Food and Drinks


There is nothing like grabbing a snack and settling down with the people you love for a movie night in the family room. As you design your space, consider how food and drink might be handled in that space. For example, if you have a large sectional sofa, plan out where hard surfaces will be within reaching distance to each seat.

Some ideas include adding a sofa table behind your sectional or adding a coffee table that is in proportion to the size of your sofa. You might also want to think about adding a specific side table for snacks and drinks. This a small bar cart or drink cabinet for adult beverages, or simply a dedicated surface for food and drinks. 

6. Design The Space To Grow With Your Family

"Eclectic kids room" by Eleni Psyllaki

The way a family uses a space often changes as the family grows and ages. If your family room is also the playroom for small children, know that the way your family uses this room will change with every age. As you plan your family room, consider night just how you use it now, but also how you might use it in two, five, or even ten years. What do you expect to stay the same? What do you expect to change? You can map out how you might shift the floor plan, the storage solutions, the type of furniture you invest in, and the activities that you make space for by considering how your room with grow with you.

Overall, a family room is where you make memories with the people that you love. More often than not it is either the kitchen or the family room that serves as the heart of the home. Because of that, it is important to make your family room represent who your family is and how you spend your time together. Build a space that feels like home, and fill it with the activities that you love to do together. 

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