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A Bed For Every Child


A Bed for Every Child began four years ago, when a concerned inner city, public school teacher reached out to the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.  At the time, the teacher was seeing an increase in the number of students who did not have a bed of their own.  As a result, these students were coming to school tired and not ready to learn.  Fortunately, the Coalition was able to help her students in need, and a new initiative was born.

Today one in six children are growing up in poverty in Massachusetts.  Although the Commonwealth is considered one of the wealthiest states in our nation, there is still a level of poverty in our state that makes it impossible for these families to afford the most basic of items – and a bed is often one of them.   A Bed for Every Child knows a bed is not going to solve poverty, but it also knows that giving children all of the tools they need to succeed in school will help them to raise up and out of poverty as an adult.

So what started as a simple request by one teacher in one low income community has become A Bed for Every Child, dedicated to supplying new beds to children growing up in poverty.  Since its inception over 3,600 have been given out throughout the state.  This past year alone, A Bed for Every Child distributed over 840 beds and the need keeps on growing.  A Bed for Every Child is embarking on a major campaign to spotlight the initiative and elevate fundraising to a new level, so that we can raise funds to purchase 1500 beds for children living in poverty this year.

The #Share the Bear Campaign

The #Share the Bear Campaign kicks off this fall with the introduction of A Bed for Every Child’s Initiative mascot Tuck, a Vermont Teddy Bear. Named for the main character in A Bed for Every Bear: Tuck’s Tale which will be released in early 2017, Tuck is a symbol of the importance of a good night’s sleep in a child’s life and the safety and innocence of being tucked in at night. Every child is worthy of this ritual, which is why Tuck is launching a major social media marketing campaign and planning many pop-up personal appearances statewide throughout the year. In tandem with the Tuck events, the fundraising component will kick off with a 250 Beds for 250 Children by Christmas campaign.

250 Beds for 250 Children by Christmas

The thought of a child not having a bed at any time of year is heart breaking, but not having one for Christmas is even worse.  This Christmas, A Bed for Every Child wants to change that for 250 children growing up in poverty.  Over the next four months, we plan to build awareness of A Bed for Every Child Initiative, while raising the funds necessary to donate 250 beds to children by Christmas, as part of a larger goal to provide 1,500 beds over the next twelve months.

To reach our goal to give 250 Beds to 250 Children by Christmas, our goal is to raise $62,500. This will go directly to purchase complete twin bed sets, covers, and delivery.  All of the beds will be delivered to the child’s home prior to Christmas Eve, and in the spirit of the holiday, every child will receive a stocking.  With your help, A Bed for Every Child can ensure 250 children will be nestled all snug in their new beds this Christmas.

A Bed for Every Child is an Initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless

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